Every member of the assistance team would carry a device that allows the central and/or the control manager to have an on-line global view of the distribution of the team. This will allow the responsible center to also know the exact location of each member of the staff and, therefore, manage a critical situation more effectively. The immediate response and clarity of the scenario that this device provides makes it one of the latest technologies for solving this situation. It is when the carrier drops/stops it for longer than usual, that it pulls a signal of alarm that the central will receive and act forward already prepared for the circumstances of the scenario.


Sanitary deployments

Every member of the staff who assist on foot with no personal communication system will be remotely monitored.


The device helps to manage the situation between different organizations and every members of the staff.

Simultaneous events

While different events are occurring geographically spared, the device provides a centralized vision of the global scenario.

Hazardous jobs

Workers at elevated highs, exposed to dangerous materials, etc. They can all be controlled and provided with an immediate response if needed.

Forest fires

Avoiding situations where the lack of precise information about the source’s location and weather conditions mean a high risk for the assistance teams.


The device detects and warns the central whenever a member of the staff goes beyond the safety or geographical perimeter.



    The device detects whether the owner falls, does not move or is attacked. In the near future, the device will also be able to detect both multiple biological and environmental parameters, as temperature, heartbeat, etc.

  • Stand alone

    Its built-in rechargeable battery serves many hours of service based on the conditions.


    Thanks to GMS communication, the information can be sent and set whenever the device has service.


    The information is encrypted and sent to the coordination centre where only authorized devices can access.


    The precise location of each member of the staff is sent at real time. This improves the making-decision process.


    The device´s features and configuration allows the main server to update the device everywhere.


  • Ultra-Low power consuming processors: AMR Cortex-M4 a 100Mhz.
  • 128kybites flash memory and 16Kbytes SRAM memory.
  • Indicative led in the device PCB.
  • Indicative led in the front panel.
  • Ultra low power 3-axis movement sensor.
  • Ultra low power 3-axis movement digital magnetometer.
  • On/of switch on front panel.
  • Built-in USB lithium battery charger.
  • GSM Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz modem.
  • 3.0+EDR Bluetooth.
  • GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/QZSS unit.

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